iSeries Developer – 1 year Contract

Key Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize solutions and provide estimates for RFE or RFP
  • Work with business analysts to shape solutions to meet business and system requirement specifications
  • Perform analysis of complex functional requirements; conduct impact analysis independently with minimal inputs/directions from SME
  • Write technical specifications document to describe efficient technical designs that connect solutions to business needs, and respond to business changes
  • Decompose designs and identify constraints, assumptions and dependencies of the solutions from technical, functional & non-functional perspectives
  • Produce ERD, Process Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagram, Flow Chart, Use Case to demonstrate the effectiveness of designs
  • Conduct walkthrough, peer code review to demonstrate gratifying results with deep technical details, and end-products conforming to standards
  • Incorporate design patterns and standards into solutions to improve quality, promote reuse, improve reliability of code, and enhance maintainability
  • Re-factor code, modules to improve code usage, readability, achieve better maintainability, eliminate duplications, and increase flexibility and extensibility.
  • Produce test results with sufficient coverage to demonstrate correctness and quality, and employ decision tables to articulate conditions & actions to prove coverage on Positive, Negative & Borderline cases
  • Improve code performance through profiling to identify issues and bottlenecks, provide options and solutions to address the issues, and produce statistics to confirm throughputs
  • Develop code adhering to department standards and industry best practices
  • Mitigate risks associated with technical deliverables which have high impact or create operational complexity to the business
  • Develop complex design and objects with proper error handling, exception handling and logging are in place
  • Work on projects or products with interfaces between iSeries and non-iSeries systems
  • Provide support to testers and project warranty on business critical problems
  • Be forward-thinking, keep improvements as an on-going exercise, and have a quality-centric mindset

Required skills

  • B.S. degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, or equivalent
  • Business knowledge with Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, and/or Transfer Agency Systems
  • Extensive work knowledge in Data Model Design, Triggers, and iSeries built-in utilities
  • Experience in XML schema, XML message and/or IBM XML Toolkits
  • Experience in writing technical specification document using technical specification templates that match IEEE software standards or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Database as a Service DBaaS, Cloud, IBM Rational, SOAP, or BI an asset
  • Experience in developing and supporting a multi-tenancy environment with stringent rules on data protection and/or breach of confidentiality
  • Knowledge in resolving performance issues due to large volume of data, complex SQL joins, or bottlenecks in resources (CPU, memory, or temporary storage)
  • Knowledge in testing tools, testing automation, and performance monitoring tools an asset
  • Over 10 years of relevant experience of RPG, CoBOL in iSeries
  • Experience using iSeries API programming techniques, Service Job, Interactive Source Debug utility


  • Experience using Data, Solutions & Process Modelling methods – ERD, AHD, DFD, Use Case, UML, Decision Tables.
  • Experience in a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) compliant process environment
  • Business knowledge in Privacy Act, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, IFRS an asset
  • Experience in IBM-eGL, Websphere, and/or JAVA an asset

Location – west end Toronto – near Pearson Airport

Length – 1 year to start

Rate – depends on experience – 45-55/hr range

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