Stop the World Inc.


For all of my loyal clients and candidates……thank you for all of your support!  I recently closed Stop the World and joined forces with TEEMA Solutions Group.

TEEMA Solutions Group Inc (TEEMA) has become one of the fastest growing Staffing Solutions companies in North America.

Our focus is delivering full-cycle staffing solutions, whether that is short term, contract or long term, permanent. We love our clients and we support them by placing quality people in the right position at the right time.

TEEMA is governed by rock solid values, a mandate to empower our members and a commitment to excellence. Our Members are the most tenured in the staffing industry, with deep and wide networks of talented resources. We are passionate about what we do. Our clients have access to a wealth of experience unsurpassed in staffing. We believe the future is about ‘disrupting our industry‘ and our rapid growth is evident of that (cited by Profit 50, Red Herring, INC 5000 and Branham 300).

I look forward to continuing to work with you all via my new home at TEEMA!

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Phone:  416-366-3844 or 1-888-250-8138 ext. 7114

Email:  Kbarr   at   teemagroup   (dot)   com

Follow me on Twitter:  STWKirsten

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